Red Cliff Redux

  • Bird's Eye View showing the center of the level and the classic DM17 flow

  • Floating platform recreating the hovering platform in DM17

  • Lower corridor showing the machinery powering the massive guns firing on the city

  • View towards the burning city in the background showing the sunken temple in the foreground


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Quick Facts

  • Game: Unreal Tournament III
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 3
  • Role: Level Designer
  • Tasks: Gameplay, Scripting, Environment
  • Time: 4 weeks (10-15 hours/week)
  • Assignment: Create a 16-player deathmatch level using Quake‘s “DM-17” as a base for the layout, must build onto or modify the original layout to add originality and accommodate number of players


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Design Goals

  • Create a level that is visually striking and dynamic
  • Adhere to the original flow and feel of “DM-17” while adding my own touches to the design to accommodate more players
  • Provide a fun, fast-paced, and balanced level design for all 16 players


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Map (Zip)
Level Design Doc (PDF)



Red Cliff Redux is a 16-player Deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament III that takes place on an ancient water-logged temple/massive artillery platform firing intently on New Chibi City. Players drop into a vicious battle for supremacy atop the temple for control over the guns and the rights to lead the sack on the city. Taking inspiration from the classic Quake map, DM17, Red Cliff Redux expands the gameplay by adding an expanded playspace, more height levels, interior and exterior space, and a new Asian-inspired theme.

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