Dining on the Dead


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Quick Facts

  • Game: Fallout 3
  • Engine: Gamebryo
  • Role: Level Designer
  • Tasks: Gameplay, Scripting, Environment
  • Time: 6 weeks (10-15 hours/week)
  • Assignment: Create a main quest line and side-quest with 15 minutes of gameplay


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Design Goals

  • Build a town modeled after the idyllic suburb flashback scene that fits within the current Fallout 3 wasteland environment
  • Provide players multiple ways to advance the story based on different skills
  • Allow for multiple, morality based outcomes depending on player choices during the quest and side-quest


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Quest (Zip)
Level Abstract (PDF)



Single-player quest to uncover the secrets of a small, isolated town in the wasteland. Why are the trees alive and the grass green? What is it that keeps the inhabitants so healthy in the face of such adversity? Players must scour the seemingly bucolic town searchign for answers. What the Lone Wanderer discovers in the caves hidden in the back of town truly raises the question of how people will go for a better existence.

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