Locker Room



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Quick Facts

  • Game: Gears of War
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 3
  • Role: Level Designer
  • Tasks: Concept, Gameplay, Scripting, Environment
  • Time: 2 wks (5-10 hours/week)
  • Assignment: Create 2 to 3 minutes of gameplay in Gears of War


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Design Goals

  • Explore the impact of tight sight-lines on Gears of War‘s cover-based combat
  • Familiarize myself with Gears of War AI and cover systems
  • Craft a well-paced, exciting, original combat experience that fits the Gears of War milieu


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Mini-Level (Zip)



“Locker Room” is a mini-level exploring a tight, corridor-like gameplay space adapted to Gears of War‘s cover-based combat. The mini-level was conceived as a short slice of gameplay to familiarize myself with the AI and cover systems of the game. The mini-level is divided into narrow, intersecting “lanes” of combat to allow tactical considerations within a compressed environment.

The player, as Marcus Fenix with Baird and Cole in tow, enters the bombed-out locker room of a long-forgotten Ephyrian private school. The combat possesses distinct flow and pacing, beginning with the initial alert and presentation of a few wretches to prime the player for combat. The middle section features a mid-range battle with a few drones. As the player advances, an emergence hole opens in the back shower room, accompanied by another wave of wretches. The player quickly dispatches the wretches and uses the tactical considerations of the room to execute the emerging and advancing drones. After clearing the room, the player is free to leave via the newly open exit.

Playthrough Videos

Playthrough #1

The player focuses on the left-most “lane” during combat.

Playthrough #2

The player focuses on the right-most “lane” during combat.